Walking Workshop on the Camino de Santiago

AMT/Zoga Bodywork/Movement Dialog


May 4 - 12, 2022

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Join us for a deeply restorative hands-on/movement retreat, surrounded by the unparalleled natural beauty of Thailand’s Koh Sok National Park.

Take your skills, embodiment, and health to their next level, as you learn, practice, move, and relax on a remote floating raft-house.

Thailand Retreat At-a-Glance

  • 10 days: Feb 20 - Mar 2, 2023 
  • Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques and Zoga Movement together in a special extended format
  • Additional offerings and Guest Teachers, TBA
  • Movement, Zoga, Bodywork Tutoring Clinics, and more
  • Companions welcome!
  • Affordable all-inclusive tuition. Payment plans will be available.
  • Earn 36 - 60 CAMT / NCBTMB-Approved CE Credits (depending on options chosen)*
  • Tax-deductible tuition and expenses*
  • Register with a deposit, pay the balance in December (TBA)
  • Generous COVID-related change policies and fallback dates
  • CAMT discounts and early registration

Get Notified when Registration Opens

Payment plans and generous COVID-related change policies will be available!

*Approved CE credit available upon request: please inquire. Tuition and travel expenses are typically tax-deductible as professional development/continuing education; check with your tax professional.










Our schedule will balance professional with personal inquiry. Elements will include:

  • Daily yoga or movement class (all levels).
  • Hands-on training: Courses in the Advanced Myofascial Techniques series, TBA, in a special expanded format
  • Extended faculty-supervised bodywork clinics/practice sessions
  • Additional options for individualized faculty supervision, mentoring, advising, and sessions (earn credits for CAMT I or II)
  • Digital detox: plenty of time for off-line relaxing, reading, receiving bodywork, reflection, and enjoyment
  • Delicious meals and snacks prepared with an abundance of local flavors using healthy, fresh ingredients. (Special diet? No problem! Just email us.)
  • Kayaking, swimming, hiking, cave-exploring, wildlife-watching, field trips, and other nearby activities
  • More offerings from the Advanced-Trainings.com faculty and special guest instructors will be announced as they're added; stay tuned!

Credit and Certification: retreat participation earns credits toward Certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques (CAMT, Levels I and/or II). From 36 to 60 credits are possible, depending on classes and options you choose. Approved CE/professional development credit (NCBTMB, FL, NY, State/Provincial, IASI, CAMT, and others) is also available by request: please inquire.






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Til Luchau

Til Luchau

Director, Lead Instructor

Til Luchau is a lead instructor and the Director of Advanced-Trainings.com. With a diverse background that includes manual therapy, somatic psychology, transformative education, as well as organizational and leadership development, Til's ability to connect interdisciplinary, big-picture ideas to practical, real-world applications has made his talks, trainings, and events popular worldwide. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, for 20 years Til was a Coordinator of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®'s Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration program, where in the early 1990's he originated Skillful Touch Bodywork (the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®'s own training and practice modality). The author of the Advanced Myofascial Techniques textbook series (which has been translated into 5 languages), his regular Myofascial Techniques and Somatic Edge columns have been featured in Massage & Bodywork magazine since 2009. His articles have been published in magazines and peer-reviewed technical journals in Australia, Canada, Poland, the UK, and the USA. Formerly a resident practitioner at the Esalen Institute, Chair of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Teacher Training Committee, and Adjunct Faculty member of Naropa University's Somatic Psychology Department, he has trained thousands of practitioners in his popular courses at schools and centers in over twenty countries, on six continents. A 2015 inductee into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame, and in 2018 named Massage Magazine's "first Massage All-Star," his private practice is based in the Boulder, Colorado area, and includes manual therapy, health coaching for those with chronic symptoms, and professional consulting, coaching, and supervision with practitioners and teachers from around the world via phone and Skype. Contact him here.

Til will be co-leading hands-on and supervision classes during the retreat.

Wojtek Cackowski

Wojtek Cackowski

Lead Instructor

Wojtek Cackowski has been practicing manual and yoga therapy for the last ten years, combining it with myofascial therapy in the water. Happy father of two children, Wojtek lives and practices in Poland in a medical spa where he has built a team of therapists who are using ATSI and zoga combined with physiotherapy. He has been fascinated with fascial anatomy exploring spatial tissue relationships on cadavers, using ultrasound and analysing movement what has been a base of developing ZOGA MOVEMENT PROJECT.  More info about Wojtek here.

Chris Pohowsky

Chris Pohowsky

Lead Instructor

Chris Pohowsky is a Certified Rolfer™, and is an Instructor for Advanced-Trainings.com's Advanced Myofascial Techniques series. Chris is passionate about competitive cycling, running, climbing, kayaking and yoga; his outdoor athletic pursuits go hand in hand with a strong interest in personal well-being and injury prevention. Chris' particular talent lies in fostering a cooperative, enjoyable, and focused learning environment in his seminars, and he takes pride in offering workshop participants a solid foundational experience from which to develop their own work. Chris has a full-time private practice in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he is on the faculty of Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga. Contact him here. Watch Chris co-teaching with Til Luchau here.

Chris will be co-leading hands-on and supervision classes during the retreat.

Larry Koliha

Larry Koliha is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, an instructor in the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®'s Rolfing Structural Integration program, is Certified in Advanced Myofascial Techniques, and is a Lead Instructor for Advanced-Trainings.com's Advanced Myofascial Techniques series. His extremely clear, knowledgeable, and good-natured teaching style consistently delights his students. Having a talent for seeing how parts work together, Larry formerly worked in the field of mechanical analysis; combined with his emphases on sustainable body use, sensitive touch, and appropriate pacing, Larry brings a wealth of experience to his courses. Larry practices in the Raleigh/Durham area in North Carolina. Contact him here.

Bethany Ward

Lead Instructor

Bethany Ward is an Instructor for Advanced-Trainings.com's Advanced Myofascial Techniques series; faculty in the Rolfing® and Rolf Movement® departments at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration; and past-president of the Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation. Her articles on the practical implications of fascial research have been published in the Structural Integration Journal, the International Association of Structural Integration Yearbook, Massage Magazine, and elsewhere. As an instructor, Bethany is adept at making complex ideas understandable, relevant, and accessible to a wide variety of learning styles. Bethany's full-time private practice (ActionPotential, Inc.) is based in Durham, NC. Contact her here.


Carmen Rivera

Carmen Rivera is a candidate for Certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques (CAMT I).  Carmen was born in Puerto Rico and studied history in Madrid, Spain. A Massage Therapist for 25 years, she is the founder of Puerto Rico Massage & Bodywork Institute, and has pursued Healing and Shamanic studies for over 20 years. Carmen was a special guest instructor on Advanced-Trainings.com's 2018 'Somatic Pilgrimage' on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, on our 2020 Thailand Breathing and Bodywork Retreat, as well as being a popular discussion group leader in for the live-online Principles series of Advanced Myofascial Techniques courses. She lives, practices, and teaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Contact her here.

Bibiana Badenes

Bibiana Badenes is an influential somatic educator from Benicassim, Spain, where she oversees an innovative body-mind rehabilitation program for rheumatoid arthritis patients; directs the BodyWisdom series of conferences; and is the head of Kinesis, a somatic therapy clinic. She has completed training in NLP, Mindfulness, Experiential Anatomy and EFC Somatic Coaching. She teaches at the University of Valencia (Spain) in the Master of Physiotherapy in Functional Recovery and Therapeutic Exercise (MORF). She is part of the board of directors of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Trained as both a Physical Therapist and a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Bibiana is an inspiring teacher with an unparalleled skillset.

Bibiana was a featured instructor on the 2018 'Somatic Pilgrimage' on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. She is a special guest instructor on Advanced-Trainings.com's 2020 Thailand Retreat. Watch a short video about Bibiana's work here; visit her website here. Contact her here.


Puerto Rico Massage Bodywork Institute
Puerto Rico Massage Bodywork Institute

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