The Nature of Fascia DVD
(Robert Schleip PhD)


Robert Schleip PhD reviews scientific discoveries related to fascia relevant to manual therapists, bodyworkers & movement therapists.

Publication date: 2009

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The Nature of Fascia (DVD)
Robert Schleip PhD


The Nature of Fascia– A review of scientific discoveries.
A lecture for bodyworkers & movement therapists by Robert Schleip PhD (2009)

Rather than being a mere passive packing organ, it has become increasingly clear that the fascia plays an important role in myofascial force generation, in tissue stiffness regulation, in pain generation and in proprioception.

This 40 minute video presentation describes fascia as our richest sensory organ. It covers the 4 types of sensory receptors in fascia, fascial tonicity, elastic recoil and dynamic changes in matrix hydration induced by fascial manipulation by various forms of bodywork treatment.

1. Fascia as a sensory organ
2. Fascial tonicity
3. Matrix hydration
4. Elastic recoil

A Rolfing® instructor and Feldenkrais Teacher since 1988, Robert became fascinated by the scientific exploration of fascial manipulation. Robert is an international expert on fascial research as well as a highly experienced bodyworker.

Running time: 40 minutes. Publication date: 2009

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(Robert Schleip PhD)”
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