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The irony is that when you don't have money it is hard to put it experience is that it is the best money that I have ever spent.

     -- SV, coaching participant, Jackson WY

As always, the session was very inspiring and empowering! You are really helping me moving forward in my work and life. Thank you!

     -- CV, supervision participant, Santa Rosa CA

Supervision and Mentoring

...with the Faculty.

We believe that individualized supervision and mentoring is an indispensable way to develop mastery in your work.

Supervision appointments are available in many locations where we teach, often the day before or after a scheduled course. Schedule appointments directly with your A-T Faculty member or approved assistant. Rates vary by location, but are comparable to local rates.

CE Credit is available (and free for CAMT participants), and all Instructors offer a 10% discount to CAMT (Certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques) participants.

Types of Supervision/Mentoring Sessions:

  • Individual or Small Group Tutoring
    Work one-on-one with an instructor on specific techniques or skills. Review what you learned in class (or from a video) to take your work to an entirely new level. Earns NCBTMB or CAMT elective credit when you choose a CE-approved faculty member.

  • Client Supervision
    Bring someone (a client, friend, or colleague) to your supervision session to work on, together with your instructor. Get specific supervision on assessment, strategizing, body use, technique, session design, etc. Optionally, come with another practitioner for paired supervision (2 practitioner, 2 clients) to learn from someone else's analysis (and share costs).

  • Hands-on Mentoring
    Personalized, real-time instruction and mentoring in hands-on skills. Include working on your instructor/mentor for individualized and specific tutuoring on techniques, palpatory accuracy, touch skills, and more.

  • Shadowing (Audit) an Instructor's session
    Observe your instructor working with a student or client, and afterwards discuss and reflect on what was learned. Auditing a session is a great way to learn client skills, assessment, strategizing, pacing, session design, etc.

  • Advising
    Meet in-person or by phone with the faculty advisor of your choice, who will help you clarify and design the learning focus of your studies with, including your Certification program. (Elective for CAMT I; two 30-min. sessions are included in your CAMT II application fee.)

  • Professional Coaching
    Get help setting a professional course for yourself, taking action, and staying on track. Topics may include practice building, professional development, career direction, client or ethical issues, burnout and inspiration, wellness and lifestyle support, team leadership or clinic management, etc. In-person or by telephone.

  • Receiving a Session
    Learn by experiencing the work--come as a client to an Instructor, approved Assistant, or approved CAMT II practitioner for AMT work. Experiential learning, and a great gift for yourself.

  • Continuing Education Credits

    All options above are approved for NCBTMB, ABMP, AMTA, CAMT and state CE credit. Brief documentation is required for credit.

    There is no additional fee for CE credit for CAMT participants (unless you want a separate Certificate of Completion for your supervision session). If you're not in the CAMT program, there is an administrative fee, which provides NCBTMB, ABMP, AMTA, CAMT I and state CE credit, as well as an official Certificate of Completion. Pay for this option at the store. For each appointment of at least 60 min, you earn one (1) NCBTMB CE Credit and two (2) CAMT Credits.

    It is your responsibility to complete the required documentation, and to submit it by the required deadlines in order to receive credit for your session (late submissions may incur an administrative fee.)

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