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Til Luchau and workshop participants at the 2009 AMTA National Convention talk about their Advanced Myofascial Techniques training experience. Thanks to At Peace Media.

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Comments from Advanced Myofascial Techniques workshop participants:

I want to let you know that my clients have started asking for sessions using Advanced Myofascial Techniques - they absolutely love it! Never mind all the [competitor's name omitted] classes I've taken! Your techniques just plain work. I have lots of stories of success after starting to learn the work a couple of months ago.

     -- Therese Schwartz

There was not a single negative... I have absolutely no complaints.. the instructors were incredible, location perfect, classes had just the right amount of info, no guilt felt if a class was missed, you even did a great job with the weather!

     -- Shizuko Aizeki LMT (Costa Rican Myofascial Retreat participant)

The DVDs arrived last week. Having watched them, what can I say other than brilliant. They not only lived up to the 'taster' clips on YouTube, they exceeded them. They are by far and away the best massage/physical therapy DVDs I have seen. This is the missing link I've been looking for.

     -- Duncan Ford, Lockerbie, Scotland

I always come away feeling satisfied.

     -- Karissa Mendive LMT

Great setups, wonderful techniques and results.

     -- Greg Kaufmann

Every client I have can benefit from something I learned in this class. Great Class.

     -- Beth M.

Organized, thought-through, clear and effective teaching.

     -- Scott Bourne, Certified Rolfer

The relaxed, collegial learning environment makes integrating the techniques and approach easy.

     -- Donald F. Schiff BS LMT RMTI

Every bodyworker in the therapeutic field should take these workshops. Invaluable.

     -- Brian S. Ingle, Doctor of Osteopathy

I really enjoyed having the variety of knowledge whithin the instructors.

     -- Kris, Camas, WA

Beautifuly paced, organized, and presented!

     -- Chris Pohowsky

With the large number of instructors it was easy to get individual attention and see a variety of approaches to the work.

     -- Wes Crist, Certified Rolfer

Not only was the material outstanding, but I think I have made some lifelong friends.

     -- Hanni Guinn, NCTMB, Green Mountain Bodywork

My first myofascial experience. Being among so many Rolfers was an amazing experience. I feel inspired and joyful.

     -- Tere Del Castillo

Another great workshop. [The instructors are] able to relate at such a great level with such a broad spectrum of folks with everybody feeling very empowered.

     -- J.S., Certified Massage Therapist, Spokane WA

Your trainings have been the most integrated, fun, and comprehensive that I've experienced.

     -- Jill Ableson, Certified Rolfer

Great workshop! Good mix of instruction, demo, and hands on work.

     -- course participant

I loved the combination of competent instruction mixed with a sense of ease, grace, and fun!

     -- C.S. Physical Therapist

Great way to expand massage work that is more effective and easier for clients.

     -- Lisa McCall, CMT

Very helpful informational. I loved the detail in the Foot and Knee workshop. I look forward to the others.
     -- Alison Litchfield, Certified Rolfer

Effective specific techniques that truly work 'with' clients.

     -- Caleb Gates

The assistants were great, very helpful. There was a lot of information in a short amount of time.

     -- course participant

Excellent information. Very glad I made the commitment.

     -- Max Bowman CSMT

I am surprised at the high quality of instruction and the amount of information and skills I have gained in just one weekend.

     -- course participant

Solid, pertinent tools from an open-hearted perspective.

     -- Anne Aronson, CMT

Great workshop!! This will provide me with the skills to integrate myofascial work into my practice.

     -- Dana Fletcher, CMT

Efficient use of my time. Clear, concise training. Great supervision.

     -- Marian Hall, CMT

This is an invaluable course for any therapist who must address neck injuries.

     -- Susan L. Ryan NCMT

The workshop helped me to focus my work in the pelvis between flexibility and tonicity -- on how to release while creating balance through strength.

     -- Sheila Griffith CMT CPI, Owner, Zebso Pilates & Massage Studio

A very useful and detailed manual.

     -- Nick Sanders, Cetified Rolfer

Great work. Liberating. It will hopefully lift a great weight from my clients' shoulders.

     -- Mike Christenberry LCMT

Great presentation -- content direct and with clarity. Easy to administer -- sacred presence honored. Very good!

     -- course participant

Very informative class. The instructor and assistants were very patient and helpful in practicing the techniques.

     -- Laura Yeager-Meyer

Til's workshops further ground my bodywork and my relation to self each time. Highly recommended for anyone striving to improve themselves.

     -- Sheila Griffith CMT CPI

This seminar will benefit my clients for many years to come.

     -- Kathleen Osness

A fascinating workshop demonstrating the structural connectedness of the whole body in a way easily explainable to clients.

     -- Sharon Harley LMT LMP NCBTMB

This was an excellent process for my body and spirit as well as learning to work with others. Thank you!

     -- course participant

Wonderful workshop/ class atmosphere. Til most helpful with individual instructions. Great instructor.

     -- D. Hodgson LMT NCTMB

The course will enhance and deepen both your work and your development as a bodyworker.

     -- Jeremy Sutton, Certified Rolfer

Til is very good at making advanced material simple. The Buddha of bodywork!

     -- Lisa Sanchez LMT CNMT

Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful as well as mindful of boundaries and personal space.

     -- course participant

Great class with techniques I can use immediately to help my clients.

     -- Dave Collins RN NCMT Owner, InnerHealth

This was by far the best workshop I've ever done. Every minute was packed with very useful information and technique.

     -- Cedar Drake, Certified Rolfer

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Certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques (CAMT) comments

I can't even begin to explain how much my practice has grown since starting up CAMT Level II.

     --Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT, CAMT

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Workshop Sponsor Comments

"My therapist are raving about this past workshop! The training provided by puts our Licensed Massage Therapists in an elite group. We are able to refer patients who have been diagnosed with Myofascial issues to specialists who are trained and credentialed in this field. Having the therapist and the clinic certified will also give our clinic more credibility with other doctors, future clients, and employers."

     -- Caprice Simmons, Manager, Excellence in Health Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic ,
       Anchorage AK classes are exceptional! Til (and his assisting instructors) are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in creating a true understanding of myofascial bodywork. The classes are well organized and include the use of excellent AV aids. I highly recommend classes to any spa, clinic, or therapist interested in incorporating myofascial modalities into their offerings.

     -- Mark Hall, Lead Massage Therapist, Sonnenalp Resort of Vail,
       Vail, CO

It has been a pleasure for East West College to host Til Luchau's Advanced Myofascial Techniques workshops, always one of our most popular and consistently well attended series. All of Til's participant evaluations exude excitement and eagerness to integrate their newly gained knowledge and skills into their practices...Til's classes tend to fill up rather quickly, so don't hesitate to sign up for a class that best meets your schedule!

     -- Steve Schenkman, Director, East West College,
       Portland, OR

Larry Koliha's in-service trainings inspired our staff with a 'less is more' philosophy. His fabulous techniques gave us ways to work smarter and not harder. Our clients have commented lately about the excellent care they are receiving from our staff - that our sessions feel deeper and more profound yet gentle and compassionate. We are getting better results (releases)! That is what makes our customers (and us) happy.
     -- Whole Body Health Center
       Lakewood, CO

My clinic sponsored Til Luchau's Advanced Myofascial Techniques workshops here in Kansas City. I believe [Til] to be one of the most powerful and articulate teachers I've had the good fortune to experience. Til Luchau brings to the classroom a wealth of useful information, as well as the ability to express his thoughts in a clear and definitive way. His information can be put to use right away, which is a credit to his clarity of expression.

     -- Sandy Clendenen, NCTMB, CST, CIMI, LMT
       Kansas City, MO

The feedback about the course (the in-service for our staff) has been great, both from the therapists who received it and what the client response has been. [The instructor] embodies wonderful teaching principles and information.

     -- Kathryn Stewart NCTMB, Clinic Director
       Standley Lake Massage Therapy, Arvada, CO

Larry Koliha's evaluations show that all students really liked his training and were very satisfied with him as an instructor and with his course. I really enjoyed him on all counts and welcome him back whenever possible.

     -- Lorin Parish, Director, New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts
       Santa Fe, NM

Til Luchau facilitated a series of workshops here in South Africa (both Johannesburg and Cape Town) in 1999. He is a highly gifted facilitator, working with obvious skill and acute sensitivity with a group made up of a large range of our diverse cultures. As the organizer and sponsor for those workshops, I highly recommend Til as a world-class group facilitator and teacher. His skill in engaging people of diverse cultures/backgrounds is a revelation. His inclusive and integrative teaching style truly empowers individuals, as well as groups. He blended creativity, fun and professionalism with mastery.

     -- Marius Strydom, Certified Advanced Rolfer
       Stellenbosch, South Africa

Til Luchau's workshops brought to our teaching staff skills for the tough places--beginning a new class, handling student crises, giving effective feedback. Throughout the course, he developed a system of bodymind education that empowered our teachers to put forth their personal best.

     -- Brita Ostrom, MFT, LMT Director, Esalen® Massage School
       Big Sur, CA

Very solid work presented efficiently and expertly!

     --David Lauterstein LMT, Co-Director,
       Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, Austin, TX

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Comments from Ethics course participants

Very worthwhile offering, going to deeper and more subtle levels of ethics.

     -- Smiling K Kroesen LMT, RPP, RCST

Til is a wonderful instructor. He brings a high level of energy and integrity to the on-line courses.

     -- Jane Stinson, NCTMB

If you are interested in taking an honest look at the way in which you interact with your clients, this course will open your eyes to how you can enhance the therapeutic outcome, and see every interaction with your clients and fellow practitioners as a potential for healing.

     -- Joe Ackerman - Structural Integration Practitioner

I would highly recommend this course to others.

     -- course participant

Great ethics course, very informational. With the exercises we did I felt often like we were in the classroom together.

     -- April M. Portland, OR (webinar participant)

I strongly recommend this class to every bodywork therapist. The rich and provocative material in each session could easily have supported an entire class in its own right.

     -- Terri Rossi, MS, LMP, NCMMT

Til was not only an excellent teacher for this course, but also an excellent facilitator. On the whole he handled the group dynamics in such an inspiring way.
     -- "Therapeutic Relationship" course participant

I am thrilled that I was able to experience his teaching style.
     -- "Therapeutic Relationship" course participant

This was an amazing class due to Til's skills as a teacher and group leader...I always hungered for a little bit more, which is good as it keeps the thoughts alive. The exercises were always pertinent to the lectures and very thought provoking.
     -- "Therapeutic Relationship" course participant

Wow! Amazing class. Til's presence, openness, willingness and absolute non-attachment to "being right" were not only a tremendous benefit as a teacher, but inspired me to really work toward a much higher level of clarity, openness and non-attachment myself. I love his lectures and how he handles a dynamic smooth flow of discussion and interactions in the classroom. Even when he needs to stop a discussion due to time frames or because we're off track he always does it directly and gently. Great!
     -- "Therapeutic Relationship" course participant

I liked the demonstrations and the diverse games, examples etc. to bring the contents of the Therapeutic Relationship closer to me. The games were very helpful. Thanks for all new experiences, which let me, see things differently and opened up my thinking.
     -- "Therapeutic Relationship" course participant

Great readings to help understand the material. Role playing in class very beneficial. Very effective in handling group dynamics-held the group to being responsible and mature. Guided ability to learn techniques versus just showing us or telling us what to do.
     -- "Therapeutic Relationship" course participant

Til's approach to Therapeutic Relationship was very refreshing. Especially his ability to keep topics open and non-judgmental. I greatly appreciated Til's openness, spontaneity, guidance, caring, bravery to try it a new way...Thanks, Til.
     -- "Therapeutic Relationship" course participant

Til is an amazing person to learn from...I am really anxious to learn more from him in workshops. I feel incredibly lucky to have had an opportunity to study with him. I would be happy with a six week Therapeutic Relationship class.

     -- "Therapeutic Relationship" course participant

Very well presented. Easy to understand, thought provoking, very useful information. The hour went by too quickly each week. I enjoy all of Til's webinars.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Doing [the course] in sections with a time interval in between each session gives me more time to "digest" the information. I think I understood and retained more this way than if I had attended one all-day workshop.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Great educator, subjects, slides, presentation, the whole webinar runs smoothly. Plenty to take home and absorb.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

I liked everything about it - from thoughts to consider personally and professionally, to validations that I'm right on task.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Being a massage therapist means that often, you have few or no "co-workers" in the "office" as these webinars provide a forum for professional dialogue I might not get otherwise. I enjoy the ability to put my 2 cents in. :)

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

The information was fantastic. Til really knows his stuff.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

It made me think deeper about my practice and how important it is to make the connection to my clients with full intention. I have a very successful private practice, but I honestly feel I will be even better because of the value I received from Til's class.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

I really appreciated Til's relaxed and grounded approach to the subject of ethics.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Great in-depth information each week.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Very applicable to the real world and specific to bodyworkers.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Really liked thinking about the relationship with money and clients. Lots of food for thought.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Concise and logical presentation, a fresh perspective on ethics, concrete ideas for myself, my clients and my practice.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Extremely informative and engaging. Demonstrates the depth of knowledge of the presenters and covers subjects not normally thought of when topics of ethics in our profession arise.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Just finished the BEST ethics class I've ever taken via a series of webinars. I need 6 CEUs every 4 years and most courses are the same old rehashed material with tests that only an idiot could fail. This one was engaging and thought-provoking and used real-world scenarios sent in by the attendees. Refreshing! I wish they all could be even half as good. Thank you for a great learning experience!

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

Not only a great refresher on Ethics, but provoked a lot of reflection and awareness with client situations. I also think this was the most effective webinar I've been to in terms of speaker effectiveness, length, interesting and informative ppt slides/pictures and polls.

     -- "Ethics for the Real World" course participant

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Process Work with Symptoms & the Body workshop participants:

This is a great opportunity to move past theory and practice application of process work. Leads one to great awareness.

     -- Jeanette Barzee, Social Worker/ Reiki Master

My first ever process class with Steven and Til opened a whole new world to me, taking me to places I hadn't found on my own.

     -- Lisa M. McCall, CMT

Great stuff! Profound, yet gentle and honoring.

     -- Paula Jeane, Ph.D.

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"Teaching Mastery" workshop participants:

The material I learned from Til dramatically affected my group leading and workshop skills, and I continue to benefit from his trainings each time he returns. I cannot recommend him enough. Til has a unique and creative way of modeling effective group leading as part of the teaching process. The material is presented clearly and succinctly, and he keeps it interesting and interactive.

     -- Ariel Giarretto, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, CMT

The workshop with Til was inspirational and motivating. It gave me confidence and enthusiasm for further pursuing my career as a massage teacher.

     -- Pablo Piekar, Esalen Massage Crew member

The teacher trainings that I attended were presented with such skill and professionalism that I would recommend Til Luchau as a teacher trainer in any field. The information could be used to train teachers in a wide array of subjects, as the course work was aimed at increasing the focus and skill of the teacher, not at any particular subject matter. Til's skill at creating a solid group field made the training both informative and enjoyable, and provided a direct example of how we, as teachers, can maintain such a group connectedness with our students. I look forward to future courses with Til.

     -- Sherry Sanders Galloway, RN, CMT

Til is a natural teacher with very good facilitation skills. His style is very responsive and interactive with the students and from his example alone I learned a great deal.

     -- Thomas Michael Fortel, Esalen Massage Crew and resident Yoga Instructor

Til is a skilled and compassionate teacher of teachers. He presents useful information in an accessible format which will be of great value to any bodywork teacher wishing to enhance their skills.

     -- Dean Marson, Senior Instructor, Esalen Massage

Til Luchau is a sensitive and innovative facilitator. His workshops for teachers at Esalen were valuable and fun. He was able to create a feeling of safety and helped us to bring the communication of our teaching staff to a new level. I look forward to our next opportunity to work with him.

     -- Laurie Lioness Parizek, Esalen Massage Crew and Teaching Staff, Esalen Outreach and Education

I found Til to be one of the most skilled and dynamic teachers I have studied with. I got a lot out of his training, and walked away feeling like I could really apply the information directly to my teaching. I found he did a beautiful job of relaying information while modeling the skills he was talking about, and being very sensitive to the needs and requests of the students. I would take this workshop again and again, I got so much out of it. Thanks Til!

     -- Robin Fann

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Biomechanics Telecourse Series with Jan Sultan:

I'm amazed at how much information can be transmitted in an hour.

     -- Kim I. Webster, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Great convenience! I thought it was very practical information. It is difficult to get away to do seminars and these are well-done and very accessible.

     -- course participant

Course format was clear and easy to follow. I was impressed by how much was communicated in such a short time. This is a great idea, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn this way.

     -- Patricia Fincher, GSI Practitioner

Lots of information in a short time; well structured, solid basic teaching.

     -- Amaro Hografer

I enjoy the notes and handouts to follow along. I find Jan's delivery of the material easy to follow and understand. I look forward to the classes. The information is excellent, easy to follow and the material given is very useful. It covers an area for which many of my clients share a common complaint. Jan's delivery is very descriptive and clear. I now have another approach with which to treat my clients. I would definitely recommend them.

     -- Mary Lou Wickham, Certified Hellerwork Practitioner, L.M.T.

What I really like is Jan's down-to-earth and anatomically complete teaching style. The dose of new info is just about right, and extremely convenient. [I liked] the continuity from topic to topic and the focus on the real technical problems faced by all of us.

     -- Donald Soule, M.A.

It was very convenient to get up in the morning and have a telecourse with Jan Sultan. This same information usually would have taken a $700 plane fare. The content of this course is something I deal with on a daily basis. I would recommend these classes. I understood the concepts of the different rotations and side bending with the drawings and the phone lecture much better than I did in [my Rolfing Certification] class.

     -- Jenisse Markham, Certified Rolfer

Jan is clear and to the point. Easy to understand.

     -- Amanda Miller

I thought Jan's presentation on the spinal mechanics of the neck and thoracic outlet were very clear. I learned a new way to de-rotate vertebrae, different, and more direct than what was offered in my 1992 Advanced [Rolfing] Training, and I'm really excited to have a new tool. I thought the spinal mechanics presentation was very good. Also, the course is well worth the money - no travel expenses involved.

     -- course participant

It is a convenient way to learn something without totally disrupting your life. I think the presentation with questions following works well.

     -- Robert Janda, DC

The format was well organized, concise and easy to follow. The content addressed some of the problems which I have been looking for effective methods to deal with, and provided clear solutions. I would also recommend these courses because of convenience and economy.

     -- course participant

Ease of access with no travel costs; also Jan is a very good instructor and his teaching style is easily adaptable to the conference call format.

     -- Laura Barnes, Certified Rolfer

Jan's presentation was easy to follow, easy to understand and the delivery of the information was very clear. Great job! Each course has had valuable information that I can use often in my practice... I am always very excited to expand my knowledge base, and being able to do it from the convenience of my own home is wonderful.

     -- course participant

I enjoyed Jan's clarity and pace. No wasted words. It was all precise and to the point. It's great reviewing our handouts and then listening to Jan's understanding and experience of the work.

     -- Steve Nipper, NCBTMB

I would most definitely recommend the course. Highly. Easy access to one of the world's greatest Rolfing instructors due to small class size, inexpensive, excitingly vital information, all from the comfort of my candle lit evening bath...just kidding! Jan brilliantly eased our curiosity about where this work would lead down the line by giving us a "quick fly by." [He] articulated structure, function and intervention in such a way that I was able to follow along in my mind's eye. Convenient and affordable.

     -- Donny Mallory, Practitioner of Structural Integration, Los Angeles, CA

Jan's presentation was well organized and concise and clearly delivered. It was technical without being dry, and was full of good imagery so it Was easy to picture the anatomy and techniques being discussed. Plus...his enthusiasm for the work is contagious, which is one of the benefits of doing continuing ed. classes in any format.

     -- Laura Barnes, Certified Rolfer, Naples, FL

I found it to be a very interesting way of trying to teach some concepts and it went over very well. I am already recommending these courses to fellow Rolfers.

     -- Dean Bergstrom, Certified Rolfer, Queen Charlotte Island BC, Canada

The content of the course was very easy to understand. The outline was great, especially since Jan taught directly from it. [Would I recommend the course?] Yes! The information was direct and to the point without being overwhelming or too much.

     -- Course Participant, Richmond, VA

Very focused and concise; relaxed atmosphere. Very valuable.

     -- Benjamin Shield, Los Angeles, CA

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Other comments from seminar participants:

Til is an excellent instructor and facilitator of learning that occurs on multidimensional levels.

     -- Pat Dorsey, NCMT, AOS, Louisville Massage Therapy

I have had the occasion to experience Til's work from different angles: as a student, as an assistant in some of his workshops, and as a client. In all these roles I am profiting from his ability to impart complex facts in an understandable, creative and often playful and poetic way. Most touching to me is Til's talent to make the relationship between teacher/student or therapist/client part of the work. As a result I notice that I am able to start working with new materials and tools on my own very quickly, as my own resources, curiosity and ideas are constantly encouraged, supported, in demand and included in the learning process. After a class or a session I always leave with a view on new horizons, with new insights, tools to play with, ideas to follow, the courage to face edges ... and hungry for more. Looking back over the years of learning with Til I am impressed to see how much my own work as a bodyworker is constantly deepening, growing and ripening due to our work together.

     -- Helen Prisi, Craniosacral Practitioner, Teacher, Milne Institute

...You are the best instructor I've ever had. The Best.

     -- course participant

I really enjoyed observing Til's approach to a diverse group of people and needs. I learned a lot by noticing his responses and reactions to people and situations. I felt comfortable approaching him. Thank you so much for your presence, Til.
     -- course participant

Excellent and superb teaching style allowing for many perspectives and freedom. Great ability to create and facilitate group process--excellent instruction and use of group exercises to teach material.
     -- course participant

In addition to a new move or two, what I really got out of the workshop was a much freer approach. By being a little more present, but also a lot more trusting of my own intuition and feelings, I now feel safe to follow a whim and go someplace else or to try something new.

     -- Michael Dario de Nedal CMP

Great instructor, very patient and kind. Had great insights into life and our practice. Very relevant and useful. Has a good understanding of the work and how to present it. Made learning fun and exciting. Keep up the great work.
     -- course participant

Til is an awesome instructor. I think he's one of the best teacher's I've had. The exercises he shared with us were so wonderful-I hope I remember them always. The experiential movement interludes were a great relief and helped me be here...His way of being clear and present with everything we did was very helpful. His understandings and insights revealed a deep awareness.
     -- course participant

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Rolfing and Myofascial Bodywork Client Comments:

As a professional ski racer I have had more than my fair share of injuries that have in turn put my body into total misalignment. After seeing Til at for only 7 sessions, I was moving more freely and into positions I never thought possible. My performance increased and much of my pain was gone. I recommend Rolfing to everyone and thank Til once again for his help.

     -- Jono Brauer, Australian Champion Slalom & Giant Slalom Skier, Thredbo, Australia

Til is grounded, extremely knowledgeable and creatively resourceful in his approach to bodywork. He is guided by a fine sense of ethics and professionalism in addition to being a thoughtful and considerate listener and facilitator.

     -- Dru Marie Robert

Both my children (teenagers) ask for appointments with Til. They come out of their sessions feeling and looking relaxed - my daughter claims to feel taller.

     -- Janet Farlow, Mother

Til has been the most gifted body educator I've experienced in my 27 years of growth-oriented therapy.

     -- Peter Pruett, MD

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Coaching Comments:

Til is insightful, supportive and present. He suggested a perspective I would have never thought of. I was surprised by how intimate and positive the experience was for me, even though it took place over the phone.

     -- KZ, coaching client, Prescott AZ

When Til first offered me phone sessions I thought he must have been kidding...[sessions] on the phone? ...I can't tell how it works, but I can tell - amazing enough and in spite of my initial skepticism - that it works.

     -- Helen Prisi, Olten, Switzerland

I have been seeing Til since 1999 [and] he has helped me unearth the key to the balance that I am more consistently achieving in my life. His gentle focus and playful nature create a safe environment that helps me identify, maximize and rejoice in my unique way of dealing with life. Our sessions often include tears but ALWAYS contain laughter! I'm grateful to the joy of Til and his skilled dedication to wellness.

     -- JMW, Lakewood, CO

As always, the coaching session was very inspiring and empowering! You are really helping me moving forward in my life. Thank you!

     -- CV, coaching and supervision client, California

As a coach, Til has the heart, expertise and creativity to support me holistically. He recognizes, and can accommodate, the way every facet of my being influences every aspect of my life. Invaluable!

     -- Jill Bennett, Founder/Academic Director, Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy, Samara, Costa Rica

Til listened to me talk about my current situation and issues, and then distilled the essentials of that situation back to me, adding a little twist or new insight, enabling me to take my life to the next level. This has happened year after year, in count-on-able fashion. I highly recommend coaching sessions with Til.

     -- Gregory Schaller, MPA PA-C, Metaline, WA

I was able to walk away with a profound new insight into and experience of my own "workings" which is continuing to unfold itself in a very positive way. Having always been skeptical of "quick solutions," it has been an eye-opener that so much can happen in so little time. Til has the ability to make one feel completely safe, knowing that no matter what comes up, or where you need to go in yourself, he will be right there with you, guiding and exploring in a gentle and at the same time enticing way. I experienced Til as an authentic, highly gifted and experienced guide to the inner world.

     -- Eugenie Grobler, MA, Theater therapist and workshop facilitator, South-Africa

Coaching with Til is a creative process of integrating one's core values into all aspects of life, both personal and professional. The work is about becoming who you really want to be.

     -- Nancy Heim, BA CMT, Norwood, CO

The practice building coaching group with Til Luchau was very insightful, and it gave me practical exercises I was able to apply right away to create a more fruitful practice.

     -- Ari Globerman, Certified Rolfer, Back to Life Rolfing® Structural Integration, West Palm Beach, FL

Seeking a magical opening or exit from sleepwalking the merry-go-round patterns of your life? Til will help launch your awareness into greater understandings of yourself and your being in this journey.

     -- Shawn Crosby, Stock Cove, Newfoundland, Canada

I found Til's coaching approach unique--he is adept at utilizing both our positive and seemingly not so positive characteristics to help us find value in ourselves, our processes, our direction, and our dreams. The [coaching] process was deeply thought-provoking and gave me a comprehensive bird's-eye view of me. I discovered where I was at in all the major aspects my life, what my strengths are, and where I want to further develop. The homework assignments and help with action steps towards a goal were instructive and effective. Til is always a pleasure to work with.

     -- DG, coaching telegroup participant, Colorado Springs, CO

The irony is that when you don't have money it is hard to put it experience is that it is the best money that I have ever spent.

     -- September Vhay, Jackson WY

Til is exceptionally skilled at combining process therapy with bodywork. Rather than have a proscribed set of techniques and series of steps to follow, he relates and adapts his work and follows my process. He understands the spiritual dimension of bodywork, and views the body as something more than just tissue. Through working with him I have been able to experience my deeper life processes and have been supported in accessing altered states of consciousness. These states have enabled me to become more fluid in negotiating my everyday life and have made me curious about exploring the meaning behind my body symptoms. That which disturbs us is often the thing that can potentially be the vehicle for the most growth. Til understands this and supports this exploration with great enthusiasm and skill.

     -- Liesbeth Gerritsen PhD, Diplomate Candidate, Process Work Center of Portland, Portland, OR

His work is life-changing!

     -- Rudy Miick, Miick and Associates

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