CAMT Hands-On Mentoring (Faculty Form)

Part of the Certification Program in Advanced Myofascial Techniques (CAMT)


The purpose of this requirement is for your Candidate to increase his/her hands-on skills (listed below).

Essential elements:

Mentoring sessions are customized by Candidate and you (Mentor), according to Candidate desires and your observations. All Mentoring sessions should include:

  1. The Mentor receiving work from Candidate where majority of the techniques or material employed are within the AMT repertory.
  2. The Mentor giving Candidate specific feedback and instruction about Candidate's touch skills; and,
  3. Further practice during the session with integrating the feedback received; and,
  4. An exchange of forms afterwards so you can check your Candidate's understanding of your feedback. (You receive your Candidate's form, then send a copy of yours to your Candidate with any clarifications needed.)

Other related learning elements may be included, at your (Mentor's) discretion, but the primary purpose of the session is for the Candidate to work on you for feedback.


1. When you schedule with your Candidate, ask them to follow the pre-session instructions on the "Hands-On Mentoring" form here. Candidates are asked to prepare 1-2 specific questions or areas of interest to share with you. These should be questions you can address from the table, as a client: touch skills, pacing, etc. Ask about these as you clarify goals for your session with your Candidate.

2. Read over the questions in the documentation below before your session.

3. Discuss all feedback with your Candidate. All feedback in this documentation should have been discussed with your Candidate (in other words, no bad surprises please--this form documents what has already been discussed).

4. Complete the documentation below, preferably within one day after your session (and no later than 1 week after your session). You will receive an email with your responses.

5. The A-T office will share your Candidate's form with you as soon as it arrives; please remind the candidate and/or the A-T office if you haven't received it within a week of your session.

6. Once you have received your candidate's form, forward a copy of your form to your Candidate. (Your Candidate fills out their form before they have seen yours.)

If you need help, just email us at info@advanced-trainings.com.

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