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Part of the Certification Program in Advanced Myofascial Techniques (CAMT)

NCBTMB & CAMT credit for this requirement is free and is recorded in our system when this documentation is satisfactorily completed.


The purpose of this requirement is to encourage you to reflect on how you’d like to focus your time in the Certification Advanced Myofascial Techniques (AMT) program, and for you to get input and recommendations from a faculty member about available options.

Essential elements:

• Meet in-person or by phone with the faculty advisor of your choice, who will help you clarify and design the learning focus of your Certification program. Advising or coaching on other issues relevant to your professional direction, goals, or development is also credit worthy, though CAMT II certification requires a minimum of two 30-min. advising conversations specifically focused on your CAMT learning focus.

• We recommend completing one Advising session within 2 weeks of CAMT II enrollment, and an additional Advising session just before CAMT II Certification, with other sessions before enrollment, or in the interim, at your discretion. Two 30-min. sessions are included in CAMT II enrollment fee.

(Advising earns 1 CE NCBTMB & 1 elective credit towards CAMT I certification, and can be scheduled at any time.)


1. Choose an Approved Faculty Advisor from the list on the CAMT site.

2. Read over the questions in the documentation below before your session.

3. Complete the documentation, preferably within one day after your session (and no later than 14 days after your session).


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