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Part of the Certification Program in Advanced Myofascial Techniques (CAMT)

NCBTMB & CAMT credit for this requirement is free and is recorded in our system when this documentation is satisfactorily completed.


The purpose of this requirement is for you to learn about applying the Advanced Myofascial Techniques (AMT) material in an actual client and clinical setting, with individualized attention from your Instructor.

Essential elements:

• Supervision sessions are customized by you and your Instructor, according to your desires, and their recommendations. All Supervision sessions should include the Supervisor observing and assisting you in applying the AMT material to an actual in-person client’s needs. Other learning elements may be included, at your Supervisor’s discretion. Supervision sessions may be individual, or paired (2 practitioner, 2 clients).

• Completing this entire form is required for NCBTMB & CAMT credit. An administrative fee applies if you are not enrolled in the CAMT Level II program, or if you would like a separate CE Certificate of Completion for this session. (You can pay this fee and order a certificate on our website's store.) Please refer to the CAMT site for current requirements, credits, and maximums allowed. Your comments here may be available to your Supervisor. If you have private comments, please email or call us.


1. Choose an Approved Supervisor from the list on the CAMT site.

2. Choose a client with desires, history, or conditions that would support your learning.

3. Prepare your client by letting them know you’ll being in a learner’s role, and that they may receive work from both you and your Supervisor (and if Supervision is paired, that there will be another practitioner and client present). Ask them to wear shorts and (for women) an exercise top that allow access to their torso.

4. Before your appointment, prepare 1-2 specific questions or areas of interest to share with your Supervisor. Typical areas might include assessment, body reading, strategizing, body use, technique, session design, as well as questions specific to your client’s desires or condition.

5. Read over the questions in the documentation below before your session.

6. Complete the documentation, preferably within one day after your session (and no later than 14 days after your session).


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