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Learner Dashboard & Certificates

Part of the Certification Program in Advanced Myofascial Techniques (CAMT)


Gain invaluable insights, not obtainable in any other way, that will help you deepen your professional excellence.

Essential elements:

• Clients, peers, mentors, and others selected by you complete a private poll evaluating key aspects of your work and practice. We present you with a 360° summary including graphs, ratings, and text, embedded in a self-coaching process to help you apply the invaluable learning gained.

• Your invitees complete a 10-20 minute copyrighted poll via our secure online system. An "offline option" adds a printable survey to give your respondents without internet. These respondent(s) then mail in their responses directly to us. (This option may add 1-2 weeks to overall processing time.)

Practitioner Instructions:

  1. Gather and send us your respondent email addresses.
  2. Send your respondents an introductory message (example below).
  3. Complete your own self-eval survey once you receive the invitation link.
  4. Allow 3-4 weeks for your responses to come in, and for your report to be prepared.
  5. Return here to fill out your post-survey eval (once you receive your report).
  6. Review your report and post-survey eval with your Faculty Advisor (recommended but optional in most cases).


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