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Part of the Certification Program in Advanced Myofascial Techniques (CAMT)

CAMT credit for this requirement is free and is recorded in our system when this documentation is satisfactorily completed.


The purpose of this requirement is for you to gain experience and practice performing sessions that are based in the Advanced Myofascial Techniques (AMT) work. This will help you generate questions for your supervision sessions, and help you identify areas for further study and research on your own.

Essential elements:

• You may log multiple sessions with each client, but we suggest logging practice with at least different 5 clients.

• Pro bono sessions are accepted, but at least some of your sessions must be paid, and performed in the context of a professional practice.

• All logged sessions should be given AFTER enrolling for the CAMT program you’re seeking credit for (CAMT I as an elective, or CAMT II as a requirement).

• Logs must be typed or digital (no hand-written entries, please). You may upload an excel file or other list with the information included on the form below instead of filling out the form itself.

CE Credit: your log will fulfill your CAMT II practice log requirement, or earn elective CAMT I credit.

A separate CE fee applies if you are not enrolled in the CAMT Level II program, or if you would like a separate CE Certificate of Completion for this log. You can pay this fee and order a certificate on our website's store. Please refer to the CAMT site for current requirements and credits.


1. Log at least 25 hands-on manual therapy sessions where a majority of the techniques used were within the AMT repertory. Sessions should be at least 60 minutes each. (Shorter sessions may be combined to equal at least 25 hours of practice).

2. Get and retain permission forms from all clients you list in your log, as our office will verify logs by directly contacting clients at random. You can download a print the client permission form at this link: https://advanced-trainings.com/forms/practice_client_form.pdf

3. For each session, keep your own notes about the client’s desires, work preformed, observations, and especially, areas for further study, research, or supervision. You do not need submit your notes with your log, but we recommend using them for designing your supervision questions.

4. Fill out the practice log documentation for each session.


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