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HAND 1-Hr Online Certificate Course

Join Til Luchau for an engaging 1hr course in hands-on approaches for caring for our own hands, and for our clients’ hands. Drawing from on the popular Advanced Myofascial Techniques (AMT) series, this will combine amazing graphics, hands-on demonstrations, research findings, and real-life questions and answers. Til will lead you through an experiential tour of key hand concepts, anatomy, and techniques, including:

-Using the Hand/Brain Connection
-Myofascial, Articular, and Interstitial Approaches
-Touch Tools for Pain and Local Inflammation
-Techniques for Improving Hand Mobility, Sensitivity, and Stability

Before your webinar, find a tennis ball, a hand to work on (your own, or a friend’s) and request the free note-organizer handout from http://bit.ly/amt-hand-slides

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