Click each of these topics and follow the instructions to prepare for your course. Click Next at the bottom when finished.

1. Order Your Optional Materials

Order the recommended course materials (if you don't own them already):

The textbook is highly recommended (especially for Certification participants), but not required for course participation.

2. Join the Private Forum

Join this course's private Facebook forum. Bookmark this page now: https://www.facebook.com/groups/neck.principles/

Joining the forum is optional and NOT required for course completion, though we recommend joining the forum, even if you don’t use social media for other things.

3. Prepare your Study Space

You’ll enjoy your course and study time even more if you prepare your space ahead of time. It’s nice to have:

    • A distraction-free zone
    • A desk and comfortable seat
    • Room to move around, or even lie down for movement etc, where you can see your screen.

Enjoy your course!

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