AMT Practice Periods

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Practice Periods are included in many live Principles or Live-streamed courses (check your course schedule). CAMT program participants can often register for these Practice Periods on a space-available basis.

1. Get someone (friend, family member, or colleague) who doesn't mind being on camera.
2. Review your sequence's Lesson, Notebook, Technique Video and/or DVD beforehand
(Find your technique videos in your Principles or Online Videos section on your My Courses page, or watch them live in your Live-streamed course.)
3. Optionally, email your Instructor in advance with any specific questions or techniques from your sequence that you’d like to review.
4. Bring your course notebook or printed handout, and anything else you need for your session. Point your phone or camera so we can see your table, and join the meeting camera-on at your scheduled time.
6. As you practice at your table, the instructors will be available for questions, clarifications, and to give you feedback (just like in an in-person training).
7. Be sure to complete any required documentation afterwards.

Here are some optional tips for your Zoom setup.

Questions? Just contact us.

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