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Advanced Myofascial Techniques Series
...with Til Luchau and the Advanced-Trainings.com faculty


Learn highly effective Advanced Myofascial Techniques that will dramatically improve your ability to work with conditions such as:
• shoulder pain
• rotator cuff injuries
• adhesive capsulitis / "frozen shoulder"
• impingement issues
• thoracic outlet syndrome
• carpal tunnel symptoms
• repetitive stress injuries
• hand and wrist pain
• neurovascular compression symptoms ...and more.

Filmed at actual Rolf Institute®-associated* continuing education seminars, these best-selling videos show effective hands-on myofascial tools, assessments, and techniques that address common client complaints. Each course includes instructor demonstrations, explanations, student questions, technique variations (and the occasional blooper) that convey the immediacy of an actual class. This "recorded live" format imparts the essential elements of each technique in a way that pre-scripted, studio-produced videos may not. Since their original release, the Advanced Myofascial Techniques videos have become classic reference, teaching, and study resources, purchased and used by tens of thousands of hands-on practitioners around the world, in clinics, universities, private practices, sports centers, and spas offering physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, massage therapy, and more. The techniques and protocols are designed to be used on their own, or combined with myofascial release, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, structural integration and Rolfing®*, active release therapy (ART), shiatsu, acupuncture, neuromuscular therapy, fascial release, and more.

BONUS: includes free download of the accompanying online PDF Course Notebook (usually $5.99) which illustrates the each of the video's techniques with clear photographs, selected key points, cautions, and space for your annotations. Use the notebook together with the video to organize your notes and maximize your learning. Check your email for the download link to your free PDF Course Notebook after you order.

Optional: Get credit and earn a Certificate of Completion! Videos and workshops in this series have been approved for CE/CME/CPD Continuing Education Credit for regulating agencies and professional associations worldwide, including; NCBTMB, ABMP, AMTA, IASI, Rolf Institute®, CE Broker; FL, NY, OR, NC and most US state boards; AAMT (Australia), AMT (Australia), ATMS (Australia), NHPC (Canada), BC (Canada), and more. Please confirm approval prior to purchase, as approvals do vary. Documentation for meeting licensure and continuing educational requirements for other agencies or governing bodies (such as physical therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic associations) is also available upon request.

*Rolfing® is a brand of Structural Integration and is a registered service mark of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration. Rolfing® Structural Integration is not taught in Advanced-Trainings.com courses.

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