These courses have improved my techniques in the art of bodywork and have deepened my knowledge and understanding. I am in gratitude.

A. Globerman, Certified Rolfer

I know that these techniques will take my massage practice to a new level.

W. Cheek

Since learning and applying Til's techniques, I have become a better therapist. His methods fit my bodywork style, and my thinking and reasoning patterns. It's logical, applicable, and effective. I highly recommend studying Advanced Myofascial Techniques with Til and/or his teachers.


The course had excellent visuals, very well explained and was in a relaxed atmosphere. Learned and retained a lot!

Course Participant

After 16 years in the body-work field, this class has provided some of the most valuable tools and information of all of my CEU experiences.

C. Vigoren

I owe a LOT to Advanced-Trainings, for your work and teachings are the BEST I have ever encountered. My practice thrived as a result of your teachings; my clients benefited and complimented my work. I often was told I gave the best massage they had ever received. I encourage many therapists I see, to take your classes.

J. Tipton

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