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Advanced Myofascial Techniques Workshops - Til Luchau

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Sciatica getting you down? I’m back from a terrific Advanced Myofascial Techniques workshop with Advanced-Trainings working with sciatic pain. Where’s yours coming from - spine or hip? Let’s find out and explore pain-relieving techniques together.

I implement a three part process:

1. "We will be away on X date for an Advanced Myofascial Techniques training. Please schedule accordingly," via email & social media.

2. I post live from the event each day on social media on the topic we're learning: pictures, quotes, ideas.

3. Then, I post via email and social media: “I'm back in the office from my recent workshop with Advanced-Trainings.”

Add an image of the Advanced Myofascial Techniques certificate and a few relevant points on the material covered.

Example: "Did you know how common scoliosis is in teens? Adults deal with it too. Learn about how I can help with effective Advanced Myofascial Techniques!"

Scoliosis doesn't mean you can't move your back! Check out the Advanced Myofascial Techniques I learned up from my latest training with Advanced-Trainings! #scoliosstucknomore #amazing #itmoves #advancedmyofascialtechniques #advancedtrainings

Headaches getting you down? I’m back from a recent Advanced Myofascial Techniques workshop with Advanced-Trainings working with headaches & migraines. Looking for relief? Let’s find out and explore some techniques together.

I attended another great 3-day workshop by Til Luchau this weekend. This one was on Headaches, Migraines and Whiplash. I'm really looking forward to using some of the new techniques that I've learned! [Add shared class photo]
Advanced-Trainings.com2 days ago
Last day for Discounts!

Join us for four live 90min interactive lectures on the principles and goals of Til Luchau's popular Ilia & SI Joints manual therapy trainings.

PLUS: includes permanent access to the newest technique videos from the in-person course (early access as soon as you sign up!) and so much more!

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Advanced-Trainings.com4 days ago
FREE Intro Tomorrow!

Principles: Ilia & SI Joints (Til Luchau's Advanced Myofascial Techniques)

Course Intro, Orientation, & Faculty Meet and Greet.
Wed Sept 28 2pm or 7pm Eastern Time

Register for the free intro or register for the course now for early access.

Early-Bird ends Sept 29th
Advanced-Trainings.com5 days ago
New Episode!

Ep 75: Secret Shopper CE Review (bonus episode with Hands On The Table podcast)

The Thinking Practitioner Podcast w/ Til Luchau & Whitney Lowe

Unbeknownst to us, the hosts of the 'Hands at the Table' podcast recorded and aired a “secret shopper” episode about one of Til Luchau’s most popular online CE classes. Listen in as they dissect and review the course, bit-by-excruciating-bit.

In this episode:

Were the techniques useful?
How was the course structured?
Can something like this even be learned at a distance?

(And, you can find out more about Til’s next Principles course, live or by recording, at )

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