Dynamic Body


Dynamic Body: Exploring Form, Expanding Function

  • Full Color – over 400 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Over 500 graphics and technique photos
  • ISBN: 978-0-615-27939-8
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A couple years ago, I was honored by an invitation from Erik Dalton to contribute a chapter to a book he wanted to publish. He's worked hard on it, and now I'm doubly honored to see the result: an unparalleled compendium of the latest thinking, from a varied host of authors and teachers. Recommended!

Til Luchau


Dynamic Body: Exploring Form, Expanding Function

  • Full Color - over 400 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Over 500 graphics and technique photos
  • ISBN: 978-0-615-27939-8

“The Dynamic Body textbook seeks to reflect current understanding and knowledge from innovators and leaders in biomechanics, fascial anatomy, functional movement, and manipulative therapy. Their work has invoked a renewed passion for an integrated clinical model that reinforces the inherent partnership of human structure and function. Working closely with individuals of this caliber over the years has been my reward.” -- Erik Dalton

Contributing authors:

Judith Aston Craig Liebenson Divo G. Muller
Serge Gracovetsky Til Luchau Art Riggs
Robert Irvin Aaron Mattes Robert Schleip
Gil Hedley Tom Myers James Waslaski
Jerry Hesch Aline Newton Adjo Zorn
Kai Hodeck


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4 reviews for Dynamic Body

  1. Verified Purchase – Amazon

    I found it very stimulating; visually, beautifully illustrated, with great content and precision on interesting clinical facts.

    The synthesis of world leaders within the industry, of the different authors; from differing disciplines coming together under one umbrella, and sharing their expertise as a common goal; openly discussing, different angles on treatment which provided useful information for the therapist to use.

    The chapter (Sacral Torsion about an Oblique Axis) which was the most useful for me, in clinical situation, was written by Jerry Hesch. He clearly presents how to identify sacral torsion and treat them in simple effective way.

    He also presents the therapist with home exercises for clients to treat themselves. It was a most rewarding and worthwhile read.

  2. Verified Purchase – Amazon

    It suited my expectations. Fast delivery, absolutely no problem. Recommend

  3. Verified Purchase – Amazon

    If you are looking for an overview of the different types of body work and movement education currently available, this book is a wonderful resource.

  4. Verified Purchase – Amazon

    The product goes in depth on biomechanics of certain habits in daily lives such as posture. As well as exercises and massage techniques to release tissue. One of the chapters that grabbed my attention the most was the sacral torsion which discussed the biomechanics and the current findings of this dysfunction.

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