Thailand Retreat 2025 - Policies and Payment Options


Note that this retreat has its own cancellation and payment policies (in addition to normal A-T policies). Please be sure to read these before completing your registration, and please note that all prices on this page are in USD.
☸︎ Payment Schedule
☸︎ Waitlist Policy
☸︎ Optional Payment Plan

☸︎ General Cancellation/Refund Policy
☸︎ Late Payment Policy
☸︎ Accommodation Changes


☸︎ Payment Schedule: 

Upon registration: $350 ($250 CAMT) minimum enrollment deposit (or, any portion of tuition).
Oct 24, '24 Last day to pay any remaining balance due to get Early-Bird discount.
Dec 2, '24 Last day to pay any remaining balance due. (For enrollments starting Dec 3, full payment is due upon registration.)

☸︎ Waitlist Policy:

If your desired room-type is full, you can add yourself to that room's waitlist here. When a spot opens up, we will email everyone who has filled out this form, and first individual to respond will be asked to pay within 24 hours. If your plans change and you want to be removed from a room-type's waitlist, just let us know.

☸︎ Optional Payment Plan: There are lots of options for paying for your retreat.

Email or call us to set up your plan, either before or after paying your enrollment deposit. $350 ($250 CAMT) enrollment deposit, then $96/week by automatic payment until Oct 24, '24 (for Early Bird price), or Dec 2, '24 (for normal price), plus a non-refundable $100 setup fee. Any remaining balance is due in full on those dates.



Examples of payment plans, with various enrollment dates, assuming no other discounts:

• Example 1: Early enrollment, Early Bird payoff:
Make your deposit by April 16 '24, for a standard room. Starting Apr 22, your card or PayPal account is automatically billed $96/week, for 26 weeks. Last payment on Oct 24: $502 (save $300 off normal price).• Example 2: Later enrollment, Early Bird payoff:
Make your deposit by June 17 '24, for a standard room. Starting June 24, your card or PayPal account is automatically billed $96/week, for 17 weeks. Last payment on Oct 24: $1,356 (save $300 off normal price).• Example 3: Late enrollment, normal payoff:
Make your deposit by Sep 2 '24, for a standard room. Starting Sep 9, your card or PayPal account is automatically billed $96/week, for 12 weeks. Last payment on Dec 2: $2,246.

☸︎ General Cancellation/Refund Policy:

100% credit or refund any time you send someone in your place. Otherwise:

Prior to Oct 24, '24: 100% credit or refund on any balance pd. above deposit.
Oct 25 - Dec 2, '24: 50% credit or refund on balance pd. above deposit.
After Dec 2, '22: No credit or refunds.
  • Your original $350 ($250 CAMT) enrollment deposit is non-refundable, as are any payment plan setup fees, no exceptions.
  • For other amounts paid (other than your deposit), exceptions to our cancelation policies can be requested in the case of unforeseen genuine emergency. Please include documentation, e.g., verification letter from a physician, test results, etc., with your request for any exception, and allow up to one month after the retreat for a decision. If an exception can be made, an administrative fee will apply, and may vary depending on whether we are able to recover any of the expenses related to your enrollment. Due to 3rd party venue fees, policies, and deadlines, we regret that we are not always able to honor such requests, and cannot make exceptions to cancelation/refund policies for other reasons, very sorry. We recommend refundable/changeable tickets, and travel insurance for this reason.


☸︎ Late Payment Policy:

Pay in full by Early-Bird deadline to qualify for the early-bird discount.
All late payments will incur a $50 late fee. (There is no grace period for $50 late fee; it is due as soon as your payment is late.)
Unless other written arrangements have been made in advance, once your payment is 10 days late, we may have to cancel your registration and offer your space to another participant. Cancellation policy will apply.


☸︎ Accommodation Changes:

If the accommodation preferences you requested upon registration are not available, you will be placed on a waitlist for that accommodation type, and offered (by email) your choice of an alternative arrangement or a full refund (offer will include a deadline for response).
Additional accommodation changes you make after you have confirmed your selection incur a $50 administrative fee.


☸︎ The normal Advanced-Trainings policies also applyPrivacy and Terms


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