Feldenkrais: Headaches & Migraines
Online Course
(Feldenkrais/AMT Series)


Join Günther Bisges for Feldenkrais classes specifically designed to supplement Til Luchau‘s popular ‘Headaches & Migraines’ manual therapy courses.
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Feldenkrais: Headaches & Migraines Online Course
(Feldenkrais/Advanced Myofascial Techniques Series)
...with Günther Bisges & Til Luchau

All of the live meetings will take place live via an easy-to-use, any-device online Zoom meeting. You will also have access to all class recordings for later practice and review. Stay for post-movement dialog and interactive Q&As with Günther and Til as they discuss applications, distinctions, and commonalities between the Feldenkrais and Advanced Myofascial Techniques approaches.


Feldenkrais: Headaches & Migraines Online Course
(Feldenkrais/Advanced Myofascial Techniques Series)
...with Günther Bisges & Til Luchau


In this special live-online course, Gunther Bisges will guide us through experiential Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement (ATM) sequences, specially designed to supplement Til Luchau's Principles: Headaches & Migraines manual therapy training (part of the Advanced Myofascial Techniques series).

The Feldenkrais Method is a highly respected and widely influential system of somatic education, with applications to everyday activities, sports or musical performance, pain, trauma recovery, and injury rehabilitation. While based on Moshe Feldenkrais’ sophisticated understanding of mechanical and neurological principles, the method is easily accessible through simple, practical lessons, focused on developing the mover’s awareness, options, and ease.

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• Approved for 3 CAMT I and II elective credits.
• Need NCBTMB or other credit?* Please inquire.


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Online Course
(Feldenkrais/AMT Series)”
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