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• More content will be added before each sequence begins.
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Course Overview

For each Lecture Sequence:

Complete your Sequences in order (A, B+C, D, E+S), but sub-topics (below) can be completed in any order you choose:

 Attend or watch each Lecture*
 Read the recommended chapters
 Watch or follow along with each Technique video*
Feel the techniques in your own body via the accompanying Zoga class
Practice the techniques with a client or in a Practice Period*
Connect with your pod
 Meet with a faculty-led Small Group*
Complete your quiz*

*required for NCBTMB credit.
**At least one Practice Period is required for CAMT Specialty Course credit; otherwise, this course earns CAMT Elective credit.

Miss a Meeting?

If you want credit for your course, within 2 weeks of your missed meeting:

  • Missed Lecture: watch the recording; note questions for discussion.
  • Missed Small Group: complete one of the 'Missed Group' options on that sequence's Documentation page. Live attendance at a minimum of three (3) Small Group discussions is required for credit, and a maximum of one (1) of those can be made up via a written assignment, if needed.
  • Missed Practice Period: re-schedule via your Sign-Up page links, or contact a faculty member to arrange an individual Practice Period/client supervision session (additional fee will apply).
  • You can also take the course as a not-for-credit Auditor, and come only to the classes (or listen to the recordings) you choose.

For Credit:

  • An NCBTMB-approved Certificate of Achievement for twelve (12) credits will be awarded based on satisfactory completion of required items (Lectures, Technique Videos, Small Groups) in your Course Navigator, and a brief summary evaluation.
  • Readings, practice, and study pod meetings are highly recommended, and required for those on a Certification track.
  • Practice Periods are optional for those earning NCB credit, but at least one Practice Period is required for CAMT Specialty Course credit; otherwise, this course earns CAMT Elective credit. Practice Periods have a modest instructor fee.
  • Lesson quizzes are included for review purposes. Passing quiz scores are not required for credit for this live course, but a minimum score of 70% is recommended for those on a Certification track.
  • Deadline: all required items and any make up work is due within 2 weeks of final lecture (by Nov 30, 2022). An administrative fee applies to later completion, if credit is still available.

Course Frequently Asked Questions

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