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Course Overview

Neck, Jaw, & Head

  • Title: Neck, Jaw & Head Parts I & II: Principles
  • Format: online self-paced course
  • Time required: 9 - 11 hours, plus optional elements*
  • Credits: 9 (details below)
  • Elements
    • 4 video lesson sequences (about 8 hours total)
    • 4 quizzes (10-25 min each, 46 questions total, open book)
    • 4 practice/movement sessions (optional*)
    • Recommended readings and recordings (optional*)
    • Discussion in study group or private online forum*
    • Brief self-evaluation and learning summary (15-30 min)


Click on each lesson to open it. then:

Watch the Lecture video, using the included handout for questions and notes
Review the recommended chapters*
Watch or follow along with each Technique video
Practice the techniques*; complete the recommended movement lessons
Share questions and insights in the Comments, your study group, or the Forum*
Complete the quiz, and the final self-evaluation / learning summary.

* - Starred items: though optional for NCBTMB credit, starred items are required for those on a CAMT Certification track, and highly recommended for all.


CE/CPD Credit:

  • CAMT: earns CAMT Elective credits (recorded version), or 'Neck I' Core requirement (when accompanied by optional supervised practice).
  • Approval for NCBTMB credits has been applied for and is pending. This course may also earn other types of CE credit, but sure to confirm eligibility with your agency or association.
  • A minimum score of 70% on each quiz is required for course credit. You will have a chance to review your answers and retake each quiz a limited number of times.
  • An official Certificate documenting your credits will be awarded based on satisfactory completion of required items.
  • Deadline: all required items must be completed within 1 year of purchase. A fee applies for later completion, if credit is still available. Once completed, your credits and certificate will continue to be available on your Learner Dashboard, as they normally are.

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