NECK, JAW & HEAD: Principles
Online Course
(AMT Series)


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Advanced Myofascial Techniques Series
...with Til Luchau and the Advanced-Trainings.com faculty

Since 1985, over 6,000 professionals have trained in our live Advanced Myofascial Techniques seminars. They live in 51 US states and territories, in more than twenty countries, and on all seven continents. These classes are hands-on, state-of-the art, and filled with techniques practitioners can immediately put to use for addressing their patients’ and clients’ most common complaints. Our expert faculty has many decades’ experience in working with manual therapy practitioners (Physical Therapists and Physios, PTAs, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Rolfers and SI practitioners, Bodyworkers, Chiropractors, Movement Therapists, etc), of all levels and backgrounds.

The Advanced Myofascial Techniques workshop series presents these practicing manual therapists and qualified students with advanced and little-known myofascial techniques which can be easily incorporated into existing personal styles. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, the focus is on unusual, interesting, and fresh approaches that will both expand technique repertoire and inspire creativity and innovation. Training topics include:

• Specific techniques for commonly encountered complaints
• Relieving pain, restoring lost function, and getting lasting results
• Utilizing both active and passive movement to enhance effectiveness
• Precision in working with specific tissue types and body layers
• Combining indirect or subtle work with deep or direct work
• Ways to work sensitively, safely, and comfortably at very deep levels

Completion of the five Core workshops leads to an optional Certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques.

The five Core Advanced Myofascial Techniques courses include:
• Arm, Wrist & Shoulder
• Pelvis, Hip & Sacrum
• Leg, Knee & Foot
• Neck, Jaw, & Head
• Spine, Ribs, & Low Back

The Specialty Advanced Myofascial Techniques courses include:
• Whiplash
• Headaches & Migraines
• Sciatica & Disc Issues
• Knee Issues
• Scoliosis
• Rib Issues
• Ankle Issues
• Ilia & SI Joints
• Myofascial Mastery
• Pain in Practice

Prerequisite: These courses are limited to trained practitioners and advanced students of hands-on body therapies (for example, Bodyworkers, Physical Therapists, Rolfers, Chiropractors, Structural Integration Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Neuro-Muscular Therapists, and other somatic practitioners). Students of these disciplines with at least 250 hours of hands-on training and/or instructor approval may also be accepted. Feel free to contact us directly about prerequisites or course content.

These workshops are approved for NCBTMB, AMTA, ABMP, IASI, State Board CEU’s, CE/CME credits for Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Certified Rolfers, and many other types of credit (check with your agency for any special conditions or type of credit earned).


This course is available any time via on-demand recordings. 

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NECK, JAW & HEAD: Principles Online Course
(Advanced Myofascial Techniques Series)
...with Til Luchau and the Advanced-Trainings.com faculty

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Online Course
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